June 4, 2011   Press release B Talk by author Christy Leskovar




In 1997, Montana native Christy Leskovar learned startling news about her family:  that her great-grandmother Sarah had been arrested for murdering her great-grandfather Arthur Hughes on their ranch near Forsyth.  Shocked and intrigued, she left her engineering career with Bechtel to find out what happened and write a book about it.  Her first book, One Night in Bad Inn, a 2007 High Plains Book Award finalist, tells what she found outBa lively true story of scandal, war, murder, and mayhem, and courage and fortitude, stretching across the desolate plains of eastern Montana, to the raucous mining town of Butte, to the bloody battlefields of the First World War.  Her new book, Finding the Bad Inn:  Discovering My Family=s Hidden Past, tells how this former engineer morphed into a true-crime detective, an archival archeologist, and a ground-level historian, becoming a well-traveled sleuth as she ventured across the globeBall the way from Butte to BelgiumBto discover who started the fire, how the body got there, why her grandmother was sent to an orphanage when she wasn=t an orphan, what really happened when her grandfather saved that man in the war, and so much more, and how she wove what she found into a compelling book.   

Leskovar speak about AHow to Find and Preserve Your Family Story@ at several locations in 2011.  She will explain how she was able to piece together her family=s colorful saga and will provide practical tips on how to find and preserve yours.  This includes: 

- People sources B interviewing tips, how to get the conversation going, how to corroborate what you are told

- Paper sources, traditional and nontraditional B gems can be found in the most pedestrian documents

- What to do with all this once you find it B practical tools for keeping track of sources, how to organize what you find whether you want to write the story or not. 

See the website for updates to the events schedule.  At present, she will give this talk in:

Glendive, Montana B  Thursday, July 7, at 6:30pm, at the library

Williston, North Dakota B Friday, July 8, [afternoon time TBA] at Books on Broadway, 12 2 W Broadway

Missoula, Montana B Friday, August 5, at 5:30pm, at Fact & Fiction, 220 North Higgins

Bozeman, Montana B Wednesday, August 10, at 7pm at The Country Bookshelf, 28 W Main

Butte, Montana B Saturday, August 13, [time TBA] at the Butte Archives, 17 W Quartz St., part of the An Ri Ra

A book signing will follow all events and both books will be available for purchase:  Finding the Bad Inn: Discovering My Family=s Hidden Past in hardcover and One Night in a Bad Inn in trade paperback. The print editions were published by Pictorial Histories Publishing of Missoula.  For more information and to read excerpts, visit www.christyleskovar.com.  If your organization is interested in sponsoring this talk, please contact Christy Leskovar at christyleskovar@gmail.com  or at 702-321-3173.