Finding the Bad Inn: the detective hunt
What would prompt an engineer to leave her secure corporate career for the uncertain life of writer? A compelling story, that’s what—and a true story at that. In 1997, Christy Leskovar stumbled upon a story so irresistible and mysterious that she walked away from that secure career and set out on a quest to solve the mystery and write a book about it. In doing so, she discovered much more than she bargained for—the main characters are her own ancestors. Her first book, One Night in a Bad Inn, a High Plains Book Award finalist, told the true story of what she found out. Finding the Bad Inn: Discovering My Family’s
Past tells how she found out. It is the behind-the-scenes story of how this former engineer morphed into a true-crime detective, archival archeologist, and ground-level historian, becoming a well-traveled sleuth in the process, and learned to write like a novelist.

Finding the Bad Inn and One Night in a Bad Inn are two pieces of a remarkable true story. Begin with either one.